Endeavor Global works with local entrepreneurs and business leaders who pledge their time and money to open an office in a city, region or country. Endeavor Egypt was launched in 2010.


A portfolio of High-Impact Entrepreneurs that will drive innovation, produce role models, and maximise wealth and job creation on a local scale.


Endeavor supports the growth of its entrepreneurs' companies throughout their business life-cycle by developing and providing a comprehensive array of demand-driven services. These services range from a rich mentor network, to facilitating access to smart capital and more.


The impact of Endeavor companies is multiplied by showcasing Endeavor Entrepreneurs as national icons to influence education and policy reform, spur local venture capital and inspire others to take risk and follow their entrepreneurial dreams.


Entrepreneurs contribute to their local operations. Our goal is to become a self-sustaining operation through Endeavor Entrepreneurs' give-back and other market-driven revenues. Endeavor aspires to be an organization for, by and to entrepreneurs.


Endeavor launches in new countries with our “pull” model led by the local private sector. Endeavor engages local business leaders to form a Board of Directors that will spearhead a country launch. They not only provide financial, strategic and networking support, but their buy-in is necessary to green light Endeavor’s entry.

Endeavor currently operates in Latin America, Asia, Europe, Middle East and South Africa with plans to be present in 25 emerging market countries by 2015. We are currently scoping new countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Additionally, existing Endeavor affiliates have begun to launch regional offices to source and service entrepreneurs beyond the principle business centers. Endeavor’s launch process typically takes 12-18 months. Initial "scoping trips" allow Endeavor to assess a country's fit with our launch criteria:


Endeavor looks for strong macroeconomic conditions that enable entrepreneurship (e.g. stable economic growth, low corruption levels). While we operate in countries that possess structural barriers to entrepreneurship, we look for indicators that with Endeavor’s help, these barriers can be diminished (e.g., early stages of inbound foreign investment).


Endeavor’s model is about High-Impact Entrepreneurship. We look for markets that have a critical mass of innovative entrepreneurs who need a "jump start" to catalyze an environment favorable to new venture creation and the formation of mature capital markets.


Endeavor requires the support of 5-10 top local business leaders to fund local operations, form a board of directors, and mentor Endeavor Entrepreneurs.


In our attempts to foster entrepreneurship wherever we operate, Endeavor will not duplicate efforts in countries that already offer significant support to high-impact ventures. Rather we look for a vibrant local business community that has the resources, but not the framework, to provide these support services.


Endeavor selects and supports a group of extraordinary emerging-market entrepreneurs who have the potential to transform industries, communities, and even countries. Endeavor screens thousands of entrepreneurs each year and selects those with exceptional, high-impact potential. Through a rigorous, multi-step selection process, candidates pass a series of local and regional interviews before presenting to panelists from our global business network at International Selection Panels held four to five times each year.

We select individuals of all ages, ethnicities and educational backgrounds, delivering a meritocratic message to the developing world: through hard work, creativity and values-driven leadership, individuals living anywhere, from any background, can turn an entrepreneurial idea into a world-class venture.

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At the heart of Endeavor’s innovative model is our world-class network built to support Endeavor Entrepreneurs. Once selected, entrepreneurs are provided with customized services from a volunteer network of 1,000+ global and local business leaders who serve as mentors, advisors, connectors, investors, and role models.

Endeavor’s Entrepreneur Services focus on providing access to:

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We highlight our Endeavor Entrepreneurs as role models in our society, helping to transform social norms around entrepreneurship and to inspire future generations to innovate, take risks, and "think big"

Multiplying the Entrepreneurial effect is done through:

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Endeavor is an organization of, by, and for entrepreneurs. To support ongoing operations, Endeavor has established a formal Give-Back program that asks Endeavor Entrepreneurs to donate a portion of equity or incremental revenues to the organization in order to support the next generation of entrepreneurs. As community leaders and role models, Endeavor Entrepreneurs also mentor earlier-stage innovators, share their stories to inspire future generations, and spearhead socially responsible business initiatives and venture funds.

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Ultimately Endeavor aims to be self-sustaining through give-back and other market-driven revenues.