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Our CEO and Co-Founder Linda Rottenberg once said, “when economies turn down, entrepreneurs turn up.” 

And that’s exactly what we’re seeing today. 

As we experience the unfolding COVID-19 repercussions and navigate the turbulent uncertainties and challenges it poses on our communities and economies, Endeavor Entrepreneurs across the globe are stepping up to the challenge and disrupting the status-quo. They are taking the lead and initiative and instigating exceptional measures to support their teams, customers and economies in a multitude of ways to battle the ongoing effects of this crisis.  

We have compiled some of the unique ways Endeavor Entrepreneurs globally are responding to the COVID-19 outbreak, illustrating the power of high-impact entrepreneurship in inspiring acts of solidarity among our communities and in demonstrating the kind of role model leadership our world today needs. 



  • Dsquares, which offers loyalty and revenue generation solutions to businesses and organizations, prepared a small guide for working from home and staying physically and mentally stimulated in the process. Check it out here. 
  • Halan, an on-demand ride-hailing and logistics company, has created a video for tips to prevent Coronavirus and reduce infection, especially in traffic and transportation. Watch it here.
  • Cequens,  a leading cloud communication platform in the MEA region, curated a blog post with tips to businesses for navigating through COVID-19, highlighting the importance of communicating early and communicating often with customers and employees during these critical times. Read it here. Karim Khorshed, CEO of Cequens, also shared a statement on the measures his company is taking to support its global community, flatten the curve and limit the spread of infections. Read it here.  
  • Swvl, an app-based transportation system offering high-quality bus trips, is making its trips available without charge to provide transport for individuals traveling for essential work, using the promo code HereForYou. It will also cap the booking capacity of its buses to 50% to facilitate social distancing and prevent overcrowding. Read more here. 
  • Vezeeta, a digital healthcare booking platform, is stepping up to the challenge by leveraging its unique technology and platform of thousands of doctors and healthcare services providers to take proactive action during the crisis: 
  1. Providing free consultations with doctors during the COVID-19 outbreak. Read Endeavor Entrepreneur Amir Barsoum’s statement here.
  2. Launching a Coronavirus “Symptoms Checker” that aims to direct patients to the most relevant authority based on their symptoms. Find it here.  
  3. Launching the Corona Info and Health News pages on its website. The former lists important information on the virus: from preventative measures, tips to preparing your household for quarantine, to working from home effectively, and more. The latter covers the latest news and updates on the COVID-19 outbreak in Egypt. 
  4. Offering daily FAQs to address their community’s concerns on a wide array of topics from reducing anxiety due to Coronavirus to tips for using an ATM machine, and more. Check out more FAQs on their Facebook page.
  • Eventtus, an event management and engagement tech company, partnered with Sawarly to help businesses host their events and conferences virtually. As many businesses have had to cancel or postpone their conferences and summits due to the unfolding repercussions of COVID-19, Eventtus, through its unique technology solutions and exceptional measures, is able to offer them an alternative: transforming their on-ground event experiences into digitizes ones, where attendees are able to participate, interact, and network. Read more here
  • Imtenan, recognizing the urgent need for healthy & immunity products but also for easing pressure on retail outlets and maintaining social distancing, is offering free delivery of its products that boost health and immunity to its customers as well as free consultation on nutrition and immunity boosts.
  • IST Networks, a customer experience technology expert, is offering two solutions to help businesses navigate through the COVID-19 situation. First, they are making its Virtual Contact Center available to clients with flexible payment models. Second, their automated customer service chatbot, Botter, now has a new COVID-19 response chatbot package to help organizations across multiple industries automate inquiries on the matter. Botter also enables business continuity, keeping employees and customers safe during the current pandemic.

Endeavor Entrepreneurs leading F&B businesses have been at the forefront of proactive and inspiring action, stepping up in times of crisis and doubling-down on socially-responsible practices:  

  • The Bakery Shop implements social distancing practices in their stores and increases health and safety measures to battle COVID-19. Check out how they are doing that here
  • Gourmet and Crave, both pioneers in the F&B space, were among the first to introduce and publicly communicate health and safety precautions and adjust working hours at their branches to protect their staff and customers. Gourmet has also gone the extra mile to ensure the safety of their customers by making sure all their fruits and vegetables are deep cleaned and sterilized using food-grade sterilizing tablets in their factories, before being made into ready-to-eat salads and bowls. Read Gourmet’s statement here and Crave’s statement here . 


  • GOintegro, a leading Human Resource digital platform in Latin America, launched “ALL IN,” a special initiative to help its clients cope with the contingency brought about by the COVID-19 crisis and make the most out of the platform. The program allows clients to share insights, give advice, discuss risks and problems, and hold customized sessions on communication with collaborators, the commitment and motivation of the collaborators, and more. 
  • Digital House, a coding school, is providing students and schools free courses and workshops. 
  • Wormhole, a platform providing technological solutions to manage and develop their clients’ employees, is covering the cost of the flu vaccine for its employees and gave facial masks and hand sanitizer gel to all of its employees 3 months before COVID-19 hit Argentina. 
  • Mural, a visual workspace, created a series of webinars on how to collaborate remotely effectively. Watch them here. The company is also offering its service for free for the next 90 days. Find out more here.
  • Aivo, which offers AI solutions to change the way companies and people communicate, created this website to provide tips on maintaining the continuity of customer service during the crisis, and also opened its chat tool for free to help companies bring customer service to a remote environment. 
  • Mercadolibre, an online marketplace, decided to activate a contingency plan that eliminates commissions for sellers who have basic necessity products listed. They’ve also changed their logo from two hands intertwined, to two elbows. Read more here. 
  • RDA Renting, which offers rental services and vehicle fleet management to companies, is offering its entire vehicle fleet to doctors and medical professionalsfor their mobility during this time. They’re also offering Argentina’s Ministry of Transportation free hours to use their fleet. 



  • Chaos Group, a computer graphics software development company, is donating approximately $110,000 to purchase medical equipment and supplies needed by hospitals to cope with the COVID-19 epidemic in Bulgaria. Read more here.  


  • Resultados Digitais, the leading Marketing Automation platform in Latin America, launched a free, open-source virtual office that brings the experience of a physical location, with multiple rooms and workstations. 
  • HiTechnologies, an online platform for laboratory testing services, is offering COVID-19 testing for companies: the company chooses the most appropriate number of tests to meet its demand and, from April, on the agreed date, the laboratory specialists will go to the requesting company to carry out the tests. Read more here
  • Dr. Consult, a health risk management company, is offering medical advice by video call via WhatsApp to assist in the care of patients with symptoms and in the containment of Coronavirus cases. The time is set and you do not need to leave the house, avoiding exposure and transmission of the virus. Depending on the case, the doctor may order some tests and/or refer to other services. Learn more here
  • Hotmart, a comprehensive platform for those looking to start a digital business, is creating free virtual solutions for schools during class suspension. Learn more here


  • AccuHealth, a healthcare telemonitoring company, provides a Remote Patient Monitoring solution to help those most at risk, and help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 by monitoring suspected and confirmed cases at home. 
  • Geovictoria, a technology company that delivers workforce management solutions and analytic tools,is offering their service for free to Endeavor Entrepreneur-led companies in the countries where they operate for the next 3 months, allowing employers to track and manage the attendance of remote employees during this time. Read more here.  


  • Bloomscape, an e-commerce plant brand, is offering CEOs a discount on houseplants to help remote workers settle into their new home offices.


  • Link Mobile, which offers telecom providers white-label soccer and education content, is teaming up with ScaleUp company Kin Analytics, Telcos (Claro, CNT, Telefonica), Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Telecommunications to provide real time tracking and analytics to track possible outbreak zones using Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence models. 


  • Supermercato 24, a grocery delivery service, is providing free deliveries for people over 65, the most vulnerable during the epidemic. Learn more here
  • Codemotion, a large software developer community and conference organizer, is organizing webinars for teachers, helping the schools transition to online education because of the prolonged lockdown.
  • Soundreef, a digital rights management system for artists in the music industry, is anticipating 50% of royalties to all small artists to help them because of the crisis. Due to the lockdown, no concerts are taking place. Learn more here
  • Bending Spoons, through its “30 Day Fitness and Yoga Wave” apps, is giving free fitness training for people in lockdown. Check out their post here
  • Buzzoole, a manager of micro-influencers networks, is creating “Stay at Home” sensibilization campaigns with influencers. 


  • Altibbi, a digital health platform, is managing a National Coronavirus Hotline to provide relief in Jordan with Jordan’s Ministry of Health. Read more here
  • Little Thinking Minds, an edtech platform, are offering schools in the Arab World free access to their Arabic learning platforms “I Read Arabic” and “I Start Arabic”, and providing several online tools to help maximize distance learning.
  • Mawdoo3, an Arabic content publisher, worked in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and built an e-learning platform “Darsak” for all grades to ensure the continuity of the learning process.
  • MadfooatCom, a financial service technology business, has integrated a donation service to the Ministry of Health to tackle COVID-19 through their e-billing platform E-FawateerCom for free.
  • Tamatem Games, a mobile games publisher, is offering everyone free subscriptions to their games to encourage people to stay home. The Tamatem Games team also donated JOD 1000 to the Ministry of Health to support their efforts in battling COVID-19. 
  • ZenHR, a cloud-based Human Resources Management System, is offering their Geolocation Employee Time Tracking mobile feature for free for whoever needs it while working remotely. See their post here
  • Tarjama, which provides translation services for businesses,is offering a free translation offer on 300 words in up to 4 languages to update, inform, and guide their audience on the Coronavirus status. See their post here. 


  • Rabbit Hole, led by Kaveh Zamanian, is paying all of its out-of-work employees for the next month. Read more here.
  • Switcher Studio,  a video creation platform, has offered newly adapted plans and features in response to COVID-19. The platform is offering its Video Chat Extension with unlimited video chat hours, as well as a custom version of its RTMP feature, which connects users to a variety of streaming sources, on its Essentials, Standard, and Plus plans, until the end of June. Read more here
  • Kent Taylor, CEO of Texas Roadhouse, has elected to forgo his base salary and incentive bonus to assist frontline hourly restaurant employees. Read more here. 


  • Kinedu, an edtech app focused on early childhood development, is providing free access to all of its in-app content until April 15 to families around the world. Learn more here


  • Nearpod is offering schools across the world two months of free school-wide access to its platform to help students continue their learning while they are unable to go to classes. They’re also offering schools and districts weekly webinar series to prepare for remote learning. As of March 11th, 90 schools were using Nearpod for free. Schools can access this service here
  • TransparentBusiness, a platform that connects businesses with on-demand talent, is offering female entrepreneurs or leaders of businesses with less than 100 employees with free access to the TransparentBusiness program for three months, which will help them manage remote work with transparency and efficiency. To access the benefit, visit their website and enter the code ENDEAVOR in the “How did you hear about us” field.  


  • Crehana, an on-demand learning platform for freelancers and aspiring professionals in emerging markets, is giving seven free days of online courses to employers who would like to extend to employees. Check out the full statement by Diego Olcese Diaz, CEO of Crehana, here
  • KO, a boutique fitness and wellness center, is giving free virtual classes of KO (mix of bootcamp training and martial arts) and yoga. You can watch the classes live on Instagram (@iliveko) or recorded on Instagram and Facebook (iliveko). Find out more on their Instagram page


  • Odilo, a provider of intelligent digital libraries, has established non-profit organizations in El Salvador and Honduras to extend access to its digital library as students begin remote learning. Learn more here
  • Smartick, an online platform for children to learn math from home, is offering 15 days of free access to its AI-based math learning program for children to cover the official school closing period. Learn more here
  • Carto, a Location Intelligence platform that allows for the optimization of business processes and the prediction of future outcomes, is making its platform available to public and private sector organizations fighting against the Coronavirus outbreak via their grants program. Read more here
  • Beonprice, a revenue management platform for hotels, is opening its Revenue Management training course, Beonprice Academy Certification, for free to the hotel and hospitality sector as a way of upskilling staff during unprecedented times. Read more here.
  • Kantox, a multinational fintech company that offers foreign currency exchange and international payment solutions for corporate clients, is calling on companies to launch a global #PayitForward Travel Industry initiative by making a financial commitment to their trusted providers. To help restore business confidence, ease supply chain disruption, and boost cash flows, Kantox is also paying part of their 2020 travel budget to their trusted providers. Check out the full statement by Philippe Gelis, CEO of Kantox, here
  • Goiko, a hamburger chain, joined forces with other F&B players for the “Food 4 Heroes” initiative, where they offered free burgers to hospitals and heavily affected areas around Spain. 
  • Cabify, a mobility technology platform and Spain’s first tech unicorn, is offering the city of Madrid with 400 cars worth of free rides for the transfer of health and emergency personnel in the coming period. The company has collaborated with the public administration and health authorities in order to help facilitate the essential work of the professionals who are working to combat the spread of COVID-19. Read more here. 
  • We Are Knitters, a DIY knitting e-commerce, is offering free delivery during the month of March to provide Spaniards with an outlet for mindfulness, creativity and innovation during the quarantine period. Read more here. 
  • Glovo, Spain’s leading food delivery platform, is offering free delivery for any pharmaceutical products. 


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