Meet the 2024 Endeavor Outliers

Our 2024 Endeavor Outliers class is composed of the Endeavor Entrepreneurs leading the fastest growing scaleups in our community, as well as those who have led their companies to meaningful exits and are now seeking to multiply their own impact as role models to the next generation of founders. Meet the 2024 class below.

Ten years ago, Tunisian-born Karim Beguir dreamed of building an AI company in Africa that would rival Deep Mind, the London-based AI business that Google had recently purchased for $400M. In July 2023, he sold his company InstaDeep for $680M.

In Indonesia, Gibran Huzaifah got started in aquaculture to fund his education with his own fish ponds. Now his company, eFishery helps 70,000 farmers earn a better living and is worth more than $1 billion.

Meanwhile, over in Brazil a team of four co-founders worked hard for 15 years building their payment processing unicorn Pismo , selling to VISA for $1 billion last year.

What do all these companies have in common? They all prove that world-changing innovation can come from anywhere. And they are all 2024 Endeavor Outliers.


Each year Endeavor recognizes the best performing, fastest-growing companies from the Endeavor community as Endeavor Outliers. The aim is both to shine a spotlight on exceptional companies being built in unexpected places and to curate an exclusive community where founders can connect, support each other, and inspire the next generation through a series of in-person events and online programming.

Karim, Gibran, and the Pismo team founded just a few of the companies qualified this year. Despite the VC downturn, economic turmoil, challenging conditions, and political instability in many regions, they and the other founders of this year’s Outliers are growing huge businesses, solving systemic problems, and positively impacting their countries.

More than just growing their companies, they are also paying it forward, investing, mentoring, and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. We call this, The Multiplier Effect.

Read on to learn more about the 2024 Outliers, how exactly they qualify, and what their stories can tell us about the trends shaping entrepreneurship in emerging markets around the world. in-person events and online programming.

This year, we are proud to have nine companies from Egypt included in Endeavor ‘s 2024 Outliers list. These companies, namely Breadfast co-founded and led by Mostafa A. Muhammad S. Habib Abdallah Nofal , Grinta co-founded and led by Mohamed Azab Yosra Badr Hamza Tag Ali Youssef , MaxAB co-founded and led by Belal EL-Megharbel Mohamed Ben Halim , MNT-Halan led by Mounir Nakhla , Money Fellows led by Ahmed Wadi , Mozare3 | مُزارع led by Hussein Abou Bakr , Nawy co-founded and led by Mostafa El-Beltagy Abdel-Azim Osman Ahmed Rafea Mohamed Abou Ghanima Aly Rafea , Paymob co-founded and led by Islam Shawky Mostafa Menessy Alain El Hajj , and Taager co-founded and led by Mohammed Elhorishy Ismail Omar Abdelrahman Sherief , exemplify the spirit of innovation and growth in the Egyptian entrepreneurial ecosystem. Their inclusion in the Outliers list highlights their exceptional performance and contribution positively impacting the country. These companies not only focus on growing their own businesses but also, mentor, and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, creating a powerful multiplier effect within the ecosystem.