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Green Tech Project :

This program aims to provide companies access to distinguished, practical knowledge from relevant expertise, guidance service, and key tools to effectively support their access to capital to turbocharge their growth by raising funds and expanding to international markets successfully. Many startups, after reaching growth in their home countries, struggle when expanding internationally due to compliance and legal barriers as well as understanding the business culture of the target market. Expanding activities include either actively selling, acquiring or setting up shop in selected markets. In order to expand, businesses also need to seek the right investment opportunities to be able to have the available runway to carry out their expansion plans. Effective capital market access means tapping a proven source of qualified investors who look for investment opportunities and who understand the industry and value proposition. Access to market and access to capital work hand in hand to ensure a high success rate, given the market’s macro-environment and risks associated with it.)

Program Overview

The program is designed to equip entrepreneurs with industry knowledge and market insights, from key experts, to successfully scale their operations internationally and raise capital.


1-Guidelines for Market Expansion

Prepare and guide entrepreneurs on the key pillars of market expansion and set up market visits to connect with experts who will provide in depth insights on each market. 

2-Fundraising Strategies and Introductions

Access to capital through speed dating sessions and curated introductions to best class investors both locally and globally. 

3-Stakeholder Engagement

Engage and connect with key stakeholders to better understand different market dynamics and the regional investment landscape.

Program Sector Focus

This program aims to focus on green and green-tech companies which include the following:

Program Details


Phase 1 : Investor Webinar Series

Matchmaking investors with companies and create opportunities to connect with experts and industry peers to understand the  investment dynamics in the selected countries and the ease of raising funds.


Global Expert Forum : Knowlege and Experience

Forum will give the opportunity for participating companies to network and gain insight from the Endeavor Entrepreneurs about market expansion and raising capital.


Phase 2 : “Ask The Experts”-Guidelines on Market Expansion

Discussing the main challenges companies face when expanding globally and connecting with experts from selected markets (UAE, KSA, Pakistan, South Africa etc), to discuss the key pillars of market expansion and dynamics in the region.


Market Access-Country Visit

One- on- one and group stakeholder meetings scheduled in the selected  markets to allow entrepreneurs to build their network and gain a deep  understanding of market entry, dynamics, strategy and execution.

Program outcomes

Strong network with key stakeholders

readiness for market penetration

Best practice for effective fundraising

deep understanding of market and investment dynamics

Program’s operational KPIS

~10 companies to be shortlisted and visit the selected countries.

Networking in- person event in each selected country including 3 to 4 one-on-one meetings.

20+ webinars, which include 30-40 introductions.

* Operations include actively selling, acquisition or setting shop in selected markets 

Program’s Result-driven KPIS


to begin operations* in selected markets, up to 6 months after the program.

20 - 40 %

increase in job creation from selected companies.


increase in company revenue 1 year post access to market program.  

* Operations include actively selling, acquisition or setting shop in selected markets