Salah Tawfik Joins Endeavor Egypt’s Board

Endeavor Egypt is excited to announce that Salah Tawfik joined Endeavor Egypt’s Board!

Salah has over 25 years in investment trading and build-to-sell companies experience, with a hands-on operational approach and an eye for growth.

His focus is on supporting technologies and solutions that promote health, education, social upward mobility, and wellness in communities across the world. Both corporate player, and an entrepreneur, Salah worked for several multinational companies in the United States and Egypt.

As an entrepreneur, he created and led a thriving business in Commodity trading and Logistics and after a successful partial exit, he is now free to provide guidance and mentorship in the capacity of CEO at various companies and on boards. In addition, he manages his own diversified portfolio in real estate, tech and other investments.

Salah is an accomplished pilot and skipper, on-the-go between Dubai, Egypt, UK, US and the Mediterranean.